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Data Protection

Bluespice is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Open Source

No forced commitment to manufacturers and service providers.


Wikipedia’s software: reliable, proven, popular.

Visual Editor

Quick and easy WYSIWYG editing of content.

Content structuring

Work with categories, subpages and namespaces like in Wikipedia

Rights Management

Administrate write, read and edit permissions using an intuitive UI.


Obtain feedback, organize reviews and approvals.

Templates & Forms

Use standardized inputs and work professionally with metadata.


Track the history of changes. Nothing gets lost.

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Bluespice Enterprise MediaWiki

With BlueSpice MediaWiki, you enable your employees to quickly access current and business-critical knowledge via a central and dynamic knowledge base.

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In keeping with the open-source philosophy, there is also a free distribution in addition to the paid editions Pro and Farm.

BlueSpice Features

BlueSpice user interface

Modern user interface

BlueSpice looks and feels modern. The bright and tidy user interface helps you find your way around. Clearly structured menus and interfaces ensure that everything important can be found at a glance. Additionally, clear dialogs guide the user through all features.

BlueSpice search and retrieve

Search and retrieve

BlueSpice's user-friendly and responsive design, coupled with clear user guidance, facilitates effortless content search and retrieval. Users can search for articles and file attachments (e.g., PDF files and Office documents) using high-performance full-text and title search capabilities, along with a fuzzy search option. The filtering of search results ensures rapid and reliable outcomes. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to locate content by searching and browsing through metadata.

BlueSpice easy edit

Easy edit

Utilize an advanced WYSIWYG editor equipped with a variety of formatting options for texts and tables, including headings, font styles, and colors. Effortlessly insert images through a convenient "drag & drop" feature, or create graphics and flowcharts using or adhering to the BPMN standard. The process of working with links and categories is as straightforward as inserting tags and checkboxes, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

BlueSpice structure contents

Structure contents

Whether following a classic structure or a highly dynamic approach, BlueSpice is the ideal software for effectively managing your company's knowledge. Through the use of subpages and books, you can establish clear page hierarchies. Employ the same tools that have contributed to Wikipedia's success, including categories, references, links, spaces for protected content, redirects, templates, and various other features.

BlueSpice import and export

Import and export documents

Upload external files to your wiki, incorporating graphics or videos with ease. BlueSpice also enables the import of Word files, converting them into wiki pages seamlessly. Additionally, you can export your wiki articles, including tables, in formats such as DOCX, XML, HTML, or create a manual in PDF format.

BlueSpice user permissions

Manage user rights


BlueSpice Pro simplifies wiki management, allowing you to effortlessly configure users, namespaces, groups, and rights through user-friendly graphical interfaces while assigning specific roles. Administrators have the ability to rename and merge accounts, duplicate articles, or replace text segments across all articles. BlueSpice also provides the option of two-factor authentication (2FA) and can seamlessly integrate with your authentication server.

BlueSpice quality assurance

Ensure quality

Enhance your quality assurance processes by utilizing BlueSpice's adaptable workflow module. Utilize drafts, read receipts, and releases within your team. Assign articles to specific editors and efficiently manage tasks through the user-friendly task management system. Set reminders and enable resubmissions when needed. Furthermore, monitor individual articles and receive notifications of any changes.

BlueSpice subwikis

Create and manage subwikis


BlueSpice goes above and beyond in the Farm edition, allowing you to effortlessly create sub-wikis of your main system with a simple click. The Content Transfer function enables convenient and rapid transfer of content between individual wikis. The Inter-Wiki Search feature facilitates searching for content across all subwikis. This ensures quick access to your knowledge, even in extensive systems.

Simple, fair pricing.

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BlueSpice Free
$ 0 /mo

per user

All basic features

Category system

Page templates


Start for free
BlueSpice Pro
$ 6 /mo

per user (min. 25 users)

Professional support

Tailored to various use cases

Custom workflows and approval system

Cloud or on-premises

Start with BlueSpice Pro
BlueSpice Farm
$ 10 /mo

per user (min. 50 users)

Create and manage sub-wikis

Inter wiki search

Multiple server deployment

Export & import functionality

Start with BlueSpice Farm

BlueSpice Features

Select the wiki that best suits your organization!

BlueSpice Free Pro Farm
Knowledge Base
Integrated management system
Documentation system
Organization manual
Wiki-style Intranet
Multilingual documentation

BlueSpice Free Pro Farm
Visual editor
Dynamic content elements (video,lists,etc.)
Draw graphics (, BPMN)
Page hierarchy via subpages
Templates & page template
Performance search
Responsive design adaptable to your corporate design
Improved user experience and user guidance
Fast file upload and embedding
Simple rights management
Adaptable rights management
Working with drafts & approvals
Workflow feature
Read confirmation
Reminder & resubmission
Task function
Category System
Forms & metadata (semantic)
Comments & blogs
Create and manage subwikis
Inter wiki search
ContentTransfer (with translation)
Export (PDF,Office,XML)

BlueSpice Free Pro Farm
Customer domain
SSL certificate / HTTPS
99.9%(Class 3)
Access only via specific IP addresses
Data residence
European server provider
Data export
1 x daily, 7 days
External backups
Additional cost
Business continuity and disaster recovery

BlueSpice Free Pro Farm
Password policies
configurable configurable
EU GDPR features
Two-factor authentication
Audit Logs
Anonymous access for readers
Local accounts

BlueSpice Free Pro Farm
Central authentication
Connection of your enterprise search
additional costs additional costs
Connection of external data sources
additional costs additional costs

BlueSpice Free Pro Farm
On premises
Virtual machine

BlueSpice Free Pro Farm
Community support
Professional support
Additional annual service package (recommended)
10 25

BlueSpice Free Pro Farm
Installation, migration, updates
Configuration & customization
Trainings & workshops
Template development

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