Enterprise MediaWiki

Enterprise wikis are used by organizations and companies to improve the creation and sharing of knowledge within their teams.

Their decentralized nature allows them, to distribute information across an organization quicker and cheaper than a centrally controlled knowledge repository. Enterprise wikis often put a high level of emphasis on access control, file management, and integration with other technologies.



“I implemented an instance of MediaWiki for use by all 100,000+ employees of the company. It's called Intelpedia, and was created in November 2005. In the first year of life, it quickly grew to over 10,000 pages, and almost 3,000 registered contributors. It averages about 8,000 views and 150 edits per day. Intelpedia was featured at Wikimania 2006, as part of the organizational use of MediaWiki, and was also featured in a Wall Street Journal article on the same topic.”


“We launched our internal MediaWiki site, Vistawiki, in March 2007. Vistawiki has been a huge success, with over 150,000 topics, thousands of active users worldwide, and over 50 custom-written extensions. Since inception, Vistawiki has had over 35 million page views and 1.3 million edits, and it currently averages 1500 edits per day.”

Daniel J. Barrett
Director of Learning and Knowledge Management, and author of the book MediaWiki (O'Reilly Media, 2008)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration program handles enormous amounts of mission criticle information. Keeping that information secure, up-to-date, and actionable is all vital to ensure everyone at NASA has the ability to do their job well. For those reasons, NASA chose to implement an intranet style wiki.

Before MediaWiki

Prior to implementing MediaWiki NASA expressed problems managing their knowledge. A few of their chief concerns were:

Multiple file type leading to conflicting information

A single change required multiple files to be revised

Poor revision control

Accidental file overrides

After MediaWiki

After implementing MediaWiki NASA was relived to have a single source for information. NASA also cited these benefits:

Information connectivity, pages and data are linked

Ability to identify gaps in knowledge management

Ability to search all of their content from a single place

Group ownership of knowledge

How organizations use MediaWiki

Training Docs

Training Docs

Quick access to get started

Save time training employees by keeping a collaborative place for teammates to share, edit, and add new knowledge.

News and Notes

News & Notes

Stay up-to-date

Make sure everyone has the visibility they need into important projects, meetings, and updates.

Knowledge Bank

Knowledge Bank

Centralize information

Whether your organization is doing cutting-edge research or Godzilla fan-fiction, MediaWiki can house what matters to you.

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