How To Create a MediaWiki Page

In this blog we will go over the various ways you can create new MediaWiki pages.


Depending on the purpose of your wiki, different page creation and editing policies may apply.

  • Everybody can create and / or edit pages
  • Only registered users can create and / or edit pages
  • Page creation / editing can be restricted to the certain group of users

Wiki Page Creation

MediaWiki Page Creation Methods

Users allowed to create pages can do it using any of the following built-in methods:

Search First

Type the page name into the search bar and hit Enter on your keyboard. If the wiki doesn't have a page with that name, you'll be prompted to create one. Simply click on the red link to begin editing the new page."

MediaWiki Search Prompt Example

Red Link

Just insert a link to the not existing page into the text of any other page, and save your changes. No matter whether you use wiki markup or VisualEditor, you will get a red link, that will work exactly like the one in the Search first example: click it to start editing the new page.

Direct URL Prompt

You can also input the page name, replacing the name of the current page in your browser address bar and press Enter on your keyboard.

MediaWiki page creation with direct url example

You will get the prompt to create the page.

MediaWiki page creation with direct url result example

Extensions For MediaWiki Page Creation

Extensions can modify the page creation workflow and make it more user friendly:

Certain features, like page auto-creation with the preloaded content, can be added by developers by request.

MediaWiki File Uploads

Almost everything in MediaWiki has its page. When you upload a file, the corresponding page is automatically created in the File namespace. Read more about file uploads here.

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