History of Revisions in a Wiki

MediaWiki stores each and every revision of any page in the database. Looking at page history one can see who did what, and when.


There are tools for revisions comparison in the page history view:

Example of history of revisions on MediaWiki

You can: 
  • open the page at any revision
  • compare revisions
  • undo latest changes
  • revert edits by a given contributor
  • revert to any arbitrary past revision
  • see other contributions by the same author
  • leave a message on the author's user talk page
  • block vandals 

Wiki Page Moderation

Revision-based approach for storing MediaWiki content makes it possible to keep unmoderated/unapproved content unavailable for public viewing. There is a number of content moderation workflows provided by the extensions to match different use cases:

Check out the other articles on our blog that have information on MediaWiki, Wikibase, and various tutorials/help articles, along with a more in-depth article on tracking changes on a wiki.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any further assistance. We are here to help you overcome any challenges and make the most of your MediaWiki implementation. Trust in our dedicated team to deliver the support you need and enhance your MediaWiki journey.

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