How to Rename or Move a Wiki Page

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The name of a page holds significant importance in MediaWiki, as pages are typically interconnected through their names. Renaming a page requires MediaWiki to address all existing database links pointing to that page. If you've distributed a link to your page externally, renaming it would render that link invalid.

As a result, MediaWiki refers to this process as "Move" (to designate moving the page to a new title within the database) and offers an automatic redirection feature from the old title to the new one.

Moving a Wiki Page

There is a special interface for this operation that can be accessed via the Move link in the page tools menu:

Example of moving a wiki page

Click the menu link and set the new page title in the form field New title. Please, note that you can:

  • Move a page to another namespace
  • Leave a note why the page has been moved
  • Request a redirect from old page to new one
  • Add both titles (the old and the new one) to your watchlist
Move Page Form

Click Move page button to complete the operation.

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