BlueSpice as an alternative to Confluence

A comparison of the two knowledge management platforms

Why should you choose BlueSpice?

Confluence by Atlassian conceptually uses “Spaces,” allowing rapid creation of new team-specific areas with individual access controls. However, this approach can lead to multiple isolated knowledge silos without centralized locations for essential business knowledge sharing.

Contrastingly, BlueSpice adopts a Wikipedia-like model, prioritizing easy and quick access to information. It centralizes knowledge management, employing an efficient and accurate search engine. BlueSpice also offers vital features for rapid, systematic editing, quality assurance, and handling complex content, among other functionalities. Additionally, it provides the option to create specialized areas for teams and projects with its farm edition.

This product comparison underscores the comprehensive capabilities of BlueSpice, including many features that are often expensive add-ons in other platforms.

For more insights, we suggest our in-depth blog post comparing Confluence and MediaWiki, the open-source software that BlueSpice is built on.

BlueSpice Features Comparison

BlueSpice Confluence
Philosophy Designed to share and find knowledge on a central place with high performance Designed to share knowledge with a selection of employees in various lockable rooms
Use cases Knowledgebase
IT Documentation
Technical Documentation
QA, manuals and process descriptions
IT Documentation
Technical Documentation
Technology PHP, Javascript Java
Open source
Server licenses (On Premises)
Cloud licenses
License for distributed architecture BlueSpice farm subscription Data center license
Other options for technical provisioning Docker & Virtual Machine Docker
Expandability Numerous MediaWiki extensions Plugins available via App Store
Localization Support of more than 25 languages About 25 standard languages
Customizations and services Personal, professional support Support via external partners

BlueSpice Confluence
WYSIWIG editor
Wiki syntax editor
Template / page templates
Dynamic content elements (e.g. Macros)
File attachments
PDF export
Word import/export
Advanced & structured forms (semantic)
Purchaseable App
Page hierarchy
Book functionality
Category system
Separate space or subwikis for teams Bluespice farm editior or Namespaces
Rights management and easy user administration
Central authentication / single-sign-on
Approval of drafts
Purchaseable App
Review and workflow functionality
Purchaseable App
Discussion and comments
Read confirmations
Purchaseable App
Reminders or resubmission
Purchaseable App
Skin customizing
Integration of a ticketing system Additional customization necessary