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AI and LLM Integration

Upgrade your knowledge management system with an AI-driven MediaWiki

LLM Slack Integration

Use Slack to pose questions that will generate responses and references based on information from your wiki.

Content Generation

Make use of AI to assist you whether you're creating images or crafting text.


Utilize AI for summarizing everything from notes, pages to large documents.


Translate entire pages, specific sections, or documents, or use features like audio transcription and translation.

Wiki Chat Bot

Embed a chatbot in your wiki that responds to questions using the data within the wiki.

Custom AI Solutions

We will develop custom AI and LLM integrations to fit your specific use case.

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Integrating AI Into MediaWiki

Knowledge Management Powered by AI

In today's digital age, incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) into your MediaWiki installation is not just an enhancement; it's a necessity for staying ahead. AI and LLMs transform how content is managed, interpreted, and interacted with, providing advanced capabilities such as automated content generation, intelligent search functions, and personalized user experiences.

At WikiTeq, we specialize in seamlessly integrating these technologies into your MediaWiki platform. Our solutions ensure that your wiki is not only more efficient and effective but also more intuitive and responsive to the needs of your users.

By partnering with WikiTeq, you'll unlock the full potential of your wiki, leveraging the latest in AI advancements to enhance user engagement and content relevancy, making your wiki smarter and more adaptive to the evolving digital landscape.

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MediaWiki AI Slack Integration

Sync Your Wiki and Slack with an LLM

Leverage the capabilities of MediaWiki and Slack to ask questions directly through Slack, which will automatically provide responses and references from your wiki.

MediaWiki Slack Bot Integration

Content Generation

Image and Text AI Generation for MediaWiki

AI integration tailored for MediaWiki that simplifies the creation and updating of wiki content and images through natural language queries. This tool enhances the efficiency and intuitiveness of editing, making it ideal for educators, researchers, and organizations seeking to improve their informational resources. Easily expand wiki entries, generate illustrative images, and refresh existing content, all with the aid of advanced AI technology.

MediaWiki Content Generation


Summarize any section of your wiki

Harness the power of AI to efficiently summarize content ranging from brief notes to comprehensive documents, streamlining your information processing needs.

MediaWiki AI Summarization


Foreign language? No problem!

Leverage AI to translate full pages, select passages, or entire documents, and utilize additional functionalities like audio transcription and translation for comprehensive language support.

MediaWiki AI Translation

Chatbot for a Wiki

Create queries using natural language

Incorporate an intelligent chatbot into your wiki that utilizes the wiki's data to answer user queries effectively and accurately. This feature enhances user interaction by providing instant, data-driven responses directly from your content.

mediawiki chatbot

Custom MediaWiki AI

Design and development of custom AI integrations

We specialize in crafting tailored AI and large language model integrations designed to meet the unique requirements of your specific use case, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

Custom MediaWiki AI