MediaWiki Administration

MediaWiki Administration is a comprehensive course designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage and administer a MediaWiki installation. From installation and configuration to user management and performance optimization, this course covers all essential aspects of MediaWiki administration. Through hands-on exercises and practical examples, participants will gain a deep understanding of MediaWiki's features and learn how to maximize its potential within their organizations.

Duration: 2 days
Onsite Training: $3,000 including travel in the USA. Inquire about international training rates.
Remote Training: $1,000

Course Outline

Module 1

MediaWiki Installation

System requirements and prerequisites

Installing MediaWiki on different platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS)

Configuring the web server and database for MediaWiki

Verifying the installation and troubleshooting common issues

Module 2

MediaWiki Configuration

Understanding the LocalSettings.php file and its importance

Configuring MediaWiki's general settings

Customizing the appearance and interface

Module 3

User and Group Management

Creating and managing user accounts

Setting user permissions and access levels

Managing user preferences and user groups

Module 4

Content Management

Creating and organizing wiki pages

Understanding MediaWiki's markup language (wikitext)

Working with templates, categories, and namespaces

Implementing version control and page history

Module 5

MediaWiki Extensions and Customization

Introduction to MediaWiki extensions and their purpose

Exploring popular extensions and their functionality

Installing and configuring extensions

Creating custom extensions and modifications

Module 6

MediaWiki Security

Understanding MediaWiki's security features and vulnerabilities

Implementing authentication mechanisms and user access control

Configuring HTTPS encryption and securing the server environment

Auditing and mitigating potential security risks

Module 7

MediaWiki Troubleshooting and Support

Common issues and error messages

Debugging techniques and tools

Troubleshooting database and caching problems

Engaging with the MediaWiki community and accessing support resources

Module 8

Advanced MediaWiki Topics (Optional)

Customizing the MediaWiki skin and interface

Implementing multi-language support

Exploring advanced extension development

Scaling MediaWiki for high-traffic environments


The outline can be customized and adjusted based on the specific needs and requirements of the participants in our Custom MediaWiki Training Tailored to Your Goals.