Introduction to MediaWiki

Introduction to MediaWiki is a beginner-level course designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in using and editing wikis with MediaWiki. Participants will learn the basic concepts and functionalities of MediaWiki, enabling them to create, edit, and manage wiki pages effectively. Through a combination of theoretical explanations, hands-on exercises, and real-world examples, participants will gain the necessary skills to navigate and contribute to MediaWiki-powered wikis.

Duration: 2 days
Onsite Training: $3,000 including travel in the USA. Inquire about international training rates.
Remote Training: $1,000

Course Outline

Module 1

Understanding Wikis and MediaWiki

Introduction to wikis and potential use cases

Overview of MediaWiki and its key features

Exploring notable wikis powered by MediaWiki

Module 2

Navigating a MediaWiki Wiki

Introduction to the MediaWiki interface

Understanding wiki page structure

Browsing and searching for content

Utilizing navigation and sidebar features

Module 3

Creating and Editing Wiki Pages

Creating an account and logging in

Creating new wiki pages

Adding and formatting text with VisualEditor

Linking pages and creating navigation elements

Module 4

Collaborative Editing and Discussions

Understanding collaborative editing in MediaWiki

Tracking changes and viewing revision history

Resolving conflicts and handling edit disputes

Utilizing talk pages for discussions and feedback

Module 5

Wiki Markup Language (Wikitext)

Introduction to wikitext syntax

Basic formatting and text styling

Creating lists, tables, and templates

Advanced formatting techniques

Module 6

Categorization and Organization

Understanding categories and their importance

Creating and using categories effectively

Organizing wiki content with categories

Managing category hierarchies

Module 7

Uploading and Managing Media Files

Uploading images and other media files

Embedding media in wiki pages

Understanding file usage and metadata

Managing and organizing media files

Module 8

User Preferences and Customization

Personalizing user preferences and settings

Customizing the user interface and layout

Managing your watchlist

Module 9

User Interaction and Notifications

Understanding user interactions in MediaWiki

Communicating through user talk pages

Mentions and notifications

Configuring notification preferences

Monitoring and managing notifications


This course is designed for beginners and focuses on the fundamental aspects of using and editing a MediaWiki-powered wiki. It can be customized and expanded based on the specific needs and requirements of the participants in our Custom MediaWiki Training Tailored to Your Goals.