MediaWiki Maintenance

MediaWiki Maintenance is a comprehensive course designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively maintain and manage a MediaWiki installation. From routine maintenance tasks to troubleshooting and performance optimization, this course covers all essential aspects of MediaWiki maintenance. Through hands-on exercises and practical examples, participants will gain a deep understanding of MediaWiki's maintenance requirements and learn how to keep their MediaWiki installations running smoothly.

Duration: 2 days
Onsite Training: $3,000 including travel in the USA. Inquire about international training rates.
Remote Training: $1,000

Course Outline

Module 1

Introduction to MediaWiki Maintenance

Understanding the importance of regular maintenance

Overview of common maintenance tasks

Establishing a maintenance schedule and best practices

Module 2

Upgrading MediaWiki

Importance of keeping MediaWiki up to date

Understanding different MediaWiki versions and releases

Performing a MediaWiki upgrade

Managing extensions and compatibility during upgrades

Module 3

MediaWiki Backup and Restore

Importance of data backup and restore procedures

Types of MediaWiki backups (database and files)

Implementing automated backup strategies

Performing a MediaWiki restore in case of data loss

Module 4

MediaWiki Database Maintenance

Introduction to MediaWiki database structure

Performing routine database maintenance tasks

Optimizing database performance and integrity

Troubleshooting common database-related issues

Module 5

MediaWiki Performance Optimization

Identifying performance bottlenecks and slowdowns

Optimizing MediaWiki caching mechanisms

Configuring web server and database for performance

Utilizing performance monitoring and profiling tools

Module 6

MediaWiki Security Updates

Understanding the importance of security updates

Identifying vulnerabilities and security risks

Performing Security Updates

Implementing security best practices

Module 7

Troubleshooting MediaWiki Issues

Advanced debugging techniques and tools

Troubleshooting extensions and compatibility issues

Analyzing server logs for problem identification

Module 8

MediaWiki Extension Management

Overview of MediaWiki extensions and their impact

Updating and managing extensions

Handling conflicts and compatibility issues

Evaluating and integrating new extensions

Module 9

MediaWiki Configuration Auditing and Optimization

Reviewing MediaWiki configuration settings

Identifying and resolving misconfigurations

Optimizing configuration for performance and security

Conducting regular configuration audits


The outline can be customized and adjusted based on the specific needs and requirements of the participants in our Custom MediaWiki Training Tailored to Your Goals.

Additionally, participants should have a basic understanding of MediaWiki itself and MediaWiki administration before attending this course.